Friday, 26 July 2013

FREE GIFT VOUCHER! How much you want? RM1 million?

No, just no.

In the past two days, we have seen an emerging trend of accounts which promises free gift vouchers ranging from RM100-RM300 to the first 5,000 or 10,000 followers.

But guess what? You're stupid if you fall for it. All of these accounts whether it's on Twitter or Instagram are fake. I'll explain why they are fake and maybe you might realise how stupid were you or maybe you'll still believe that you're going to get that voucher. And I'll also tell you why people would create such accounts.

But first, this sort of scam is not something new. I have seen it countless of times just that it may be slightly different in terms of social media platform and gifts. I've seen pages on Facebook claiming to give away Samsung Galaxy S4 if you share this page and tag 5 friends or whatever, retweet for an S4 on Twitter while on Instagram... it's basically the same bullshit. Repost a picture and follow for gift vouchers. So I'm quite surprise that these old tricks are still able to con so many Malaysians, but then again, typical Malaysians could never resist saying "No" to the word 'FREE'

Question: Why are the accounts fake?
  1. Accounts such as @topshoptopmanmy on Twitter, and nikemalaysia and so many other accounts on Instagram appear out of nowhere. How can such accounts be 'official' when there is no official word from their OFFICIAL account on Facebook or website. And if a huge brand as such Topman decides to create a Twitter account, they would either get verified by Twitter first or at least have the official TOPMAN account (@TOPMANUK) to put in a good word of that account.

  2. Honestly, the biggest giveaway is obviously the vouchers. RM300 to the first 5,000 followers? Do you honestly think that a company will ever spend RM500,000 to RM2 million just to get 5,000-10,000 followers. THEY RUN A BLOODY BUSINESS, NOT SOME CHARITY WHO GIVES VOUCHERS TO YOU JUST BECAUSE YOU FOLLOW THEM. There are so many cheaper ways to give 5,000 if a brand or company ever seek to do so. Common sense is uncommon.
  3. If I were to give out vouchers worth a total of RM1 million, I would at least need some media coverage, promotion, and create hype just to show that my brand/company is doing some charitable work. I would need the whole of Malaysia to know that I'm giving out vouchers. Not just to people on Instagram or Twitter. Otherwise why would I even give out that much of money. Put yourself in the shoes of a businessman.

Question: What will these accounts do once they achieve their target?
  1.  They will delete all tweets/pictures/posts, change the account name and act like nothing ever happen. And just like that, they will gain about 5,000-10,000 followers who thought they were going to get free vouchers. Of course some people will realise and eventually unfollow that account but then again, they would  have a lot of followers at one point. It is a dream for some people to have such large number, trust me. I know.
  2. Or they could turn it into something which will promote whatever they want. But it's a stupid move because it will backfire against them.

Question: Why do people even create such account and cheat other people's feelings?
  1. Once again, they probably wants to know what it feels like to have a lot of followers or because they want to laugh at how greedy and naive some Malaysians are.

Conclusion: There's no such thing as FREE GIFT VOUCHER from fake ass accounts which appear out of nowhere. It won't kill to use some brains.

Typical Malaysian attitude.

Me: "dude, that account is fake, don't waste your time"
Stranger: "no harm trying right. Don't regret when I get my voucher" 
Me: "whatever you say"
*Stranger's reaction after finding out that the account is fake*
Stranger: *leaves comment on the page* "pukimak lanjiao no life ah scam people, bodoh! REPORT!"

Conclusion of this short conversation: yes, there is no harm trying but you need to use half of your brain to know whether it is legit or not. And don't be that idiot who gets angry for not getting your imaginary voucher just because someone else took advantage of your naive attitude.

P.S: My intentions to write this post is honestly good eventhough it may be harsh. Truth hurts, reality is harsh. Face it.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My Top 5 Personal Dilemmas.

1. Choosing a Starbucks' drink size.
- I would imagine many people come across this dilemma too. Basically there are only 3 choices in Malaysia. Tall, Venti and Grande. The 'Tall' which isn't so tall has about 350ml, while the Grande has 470ml and Venti has about 590ml. So the difference between 'TALL' and Venti is about 240ml which is about 40%. Venti has about 40% more coffee than 'TALL' at the price difference of RM2. 40% more coffee for extra 12% of the price. Basically a dilemma if you don't want to drink a lot coffee but you want your money to be well spent.

2. Choosing what to eat.
- Another common dilemma faced by every Malaysia I would assume because there are so many varieties of food. Of course I have my favourite food, Assam Laksa but not every shop has it and my friend thinks I eat too much of it. Therefore some of them even call me 'Laksa Fart'

3. Choosing what to wear.
- I know this is supposed to be a girl's problem, but my problem is because I have 7 same shirts but different colour. The green, the orange and the bottom right, it's all mine. And in a week time, I'll have 10 colours. Oh dear, I'll face an even bigger dilemma. And just so you know I ordered an extra M size shirt, so I could give it out for free! :) and it is a colour which no one has. So, do watch out for it. 

4. To sleep or to eat.
- If you follow me on Twitter, you will obviously know that I'm not a person who sleeps early. And every time the clock hits 12a.m, my stomach will start crying like a bitch for food. So, I will need to decide whether I want to move my lazy ass for food, or to just sleep with a stomach who acts up like a bitch. 

5. To buy or not to buy.
I'm a stingy ass person. Countless times where I've seen things which I like but I just don't have the heart to part with my money. My money was begging me "oh please , let me stay in your warm wallet, I promise to be good" and most of the time I would give in to that. But it'll look pretty ridiculous when I'm really trying to decide to buy or not to buy. I'll be walking back and forth to the direction of the shop with one side of my mind telling me to buy, and another telling me not to.