Sunday, 3 March 2013

Malaysians' misconceptions

This is something that have been bothering me for a while now and I feel it is only right if I speak my mind out on this matter. It's about the question of patriotism and being 'grateful'.

A lot of Malaysians seem to get the idea of patriotism wrongly. To them, if you go against your government, it means that you're not patriotic. Please do understand the difference between your country and your government. I serve my country, not my government. I'm tied to my country, not my government.

Another thing which really irks me is people who labelled those who disagree with the government's decision as 'ungrateful'. In my opinion, the grateful one should be the government because of the PEOPLE who elected them to govern. It is their duty to serve the people as well as they can, should they fail, there is always a thing called GENERAL ELECTIONS where we can vote a different government.

Have you ever seen people who say "if you don't like the government, go to a different country! So ungrateful". I would say that these people actually know nothing. Personally I love my country. And I visualize and picture my country in a different way from what it is today. Maybe you guys are happy with the current state of Malaysia is in. Truth is, I'm not. I want a better Malaysia.

Let's assume Malaysia is a little child who has so much potential. Everyone sees the sparkle in the child that one day, the child would grow up to be a very successful person. But it did not happen because the child took the wrong path which he/she ended up being just an average person. To me, this little child reflects the state of Malaysia today.

So the next time anyone label you as 'ungrateful' because you want a better Malaysia, ask them to read this. If it does not change their mind, they probably don't have one.

Friday, 1 March 2013

My perspective of 'judging'

Hello people! I have been away from blogging for the past few months because blogging isn't really my thing as I already have Twitter which is a microblogging site. Plus we all have short attention spans after all. But I do want to share with you guys my point of view about receiving criticism and being judged (mostly online)

Personally I run an account on Twitter which barely replies people's tweet although there are times I use my personal account to do so because I feel there is a need to. And I guess it is only fair that I offer an explanation for not replying anyone's tweet. The reason I don't reply tweet is because I made this account to be an account where people would come and read my tweets instead of having to read replies. 

But that's when people take advantage of it, they would assume that I don't read tweets and they will tweet me nasty remarks. I would be lying if I say that these tweets do not bother me because at times they do but everyone has their own right to speak out on Twitter if they are not happy with my tweets.

Being judged is VERY COMMON because I even judge people upon meeting them for the first time. I mean that's where first impression of a person comes from. Being a 'victim' of subtweet isn't something new either because it is very likely that somebody will tweet about you regardless whether you are fat, skinny, pretty, ugly, bitchy, nice etc. Everyone is guilty of subtweeting another person but is it actually wrong? No because you have your rights to comment on a person but if your intentions are just to hurt another person and start a war, then YES, it is wrong. 

At the end of the day, we will always be judged for every action we make, every tweet we tweet and every fart we fart. It's how you take in the perspective of others about you. For example, instead of replying something nasty a person who says "hey, you are never going to make it", why not take it as a drive to make you want to be successful even more? 

I'll just say that the longer an argument gets, the more pointless it'll become. Be happy if someone judges you because you actually managed to get their attention. And not every time people who criticise you are haters. So stop saying "haters are going to hate" when you actually don't hate any hater to begin with. If you are wrong, be the first to admit that you are wrong.

I would love to write a longer post to explain myself but I'm aware that we have very short attention span as I mentioned in the introduction. I mean most of the time I have to tweet as short as I can because some people would ignore reading the full tweet at first glance. Plus I'm really not a very good blogger.