Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My Top 5 Personal Dilemmas.

1. Choosing a Starbucks' drink size.
- I would imagine many people come across this dilemma too. Basically there are only 3 choices in Malaysia. Tall, Venti and Grande. The 'Tall' which isn't so tall has about 350ml, while the Grande has 470ml and Venti has about 590ml. So the difference between 'TALL' and Venti is about 240ml which is about 40%. Venti has about 40% more coffee than 'TALL' at the price difference of RM2. 40% more coffee for extra 12% of the price. Basically a dilemma if you don't want to drink a lot coffee but you want your money to be well spent.

2. Choosing what to eat.
- Another common dilemma faced by every Malaysia I would assume because there are so many varieties of food. Of course I have my favourite food, Assam Laksa but not every shop has it and my friend thinks I eat too much of it. Therefore some of them even call me 'Laksa Fart'

3. Choosing what to wear.
- I know this is supposed to be a girl's problem, but my problem is because I have 7 same shirts but different colour. The green, the orange and the bottom right, it's all mine. And in a week time, I'll have 10 colours. Oh dear, I'll face an even bigger dilemma. And just so you know I ordered an extra M size shirt, so I could give it out for free! :) and it is a colour which no one has. So, do watch out for it. 

4. To sleep or to eat.
- If you follow me on Twitter, you will obviously know that I'm not a person who sleeps early. And every time the clock hits 12a.m, my stomach will start crying like a bitch for food. So, I will need to decide whether I want to move my lazy ass for food, or to just sleep with a stomach who acts up like a bitch. 

5. To buy or not to buy.
I'm a stingy ass person. Countless times where I've seen things which I like but I just don't have the heart to part with my money. My money was begging me "oh please , let me stay in your warm wallet, I promise to be good" and most of the time I would give in to that. But it'll look pretty ridiculous when I'm really trying to decide to buy or not to buy. I'll be walking back and forth to the direction of the shop with one side of my mind telling me to buy, and another telling me not to.