Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Little of Introduction.

Greetings fellow Malaysians,

I've decided to start up a blog because 140 characters are not enough for me to express out what's on my mind. I also cannot afford to promise you that I will blog frequently as my past blogs are all inactive because I'm a lazy Malaysian. How typical of me.

Unlike my twitter page Typical Malaysian, I would be replying comments. One of the main reasons why I don't reply tweets on that twitter page is because there will be too many but I read 95% of the tweets that people tweeted to me.

I'm aware that when I start blogging, I will be judged by whatever I write here. And this is exactly why I'm going to blog, because I want to be judged. I want let you guys read my opinion and what I have to say. And I'll let you say what you want to say at the comments down below. It will be an open discussion as I know that I can't be right all the time but I'm willing to learn and exchange knowledge with an open heart and mind. I sincerely wish that people would refrain themselves from posting offensive comments.

Please forgive me if I have any grammar mistakes as I'm prone to careless mistakes in my writing. And lastly, I hope you guys would enjoy reading my opinions.

To contact me:

Thank you :)


  1. hahahahah... kudo! i always wait that someone will make something dedicated to our fellow typical malaysian. you a brave dude anyway. i back you man!

  2. I only know you're a guy now xD

  3. Your twitter page is dumb. Seriously dude. You try to be smart ass but you're annoying as fuck. I'm from Canada and all my Malaysian friends are awesome. You are abusing your own people. This Typical Malaysian thing is dumb.

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but what this blogger is tweeting about is the habits that most Malaysians would have or their typical reactions and actions, nothing related to abusing other Malaysians. He's tweeting about our people's culture and habit, not abusing them and turning it into something an ignorant fucktard would do.