Saturday, 27 April 2013

15 Problems Faced As A Student.

1. Teachers who generalize every student. They would expect every student to complete their homework, to do their notes, to score well in exams etc. But no, every student is different in terms of abilities and capabilities. You don't have to complete your notes to be a good student.

2. Nobody gives a shit about your results 12 months after.

3. Memorise a damn book without understanding a shit yet ends up with an A.

4. Textbooks are shit.

5. Teachers who gossip more than 'Gossip Girl'.

6. Scores A for English but with broken English.

7. Fails a subject and people think you're stupid.

8. Gets an A but actually a stupid person.

9. Pendidikan Moral is a pointless compulsory subject for SPM which will never ever help you in life because who the hell even needs to memorise 36 values and it's definition.

10. I hate art, and teacher expects me to do my art homework. No.

11. Pendidikan Sivik dan Kenegeraaan? The fuck.

12. Extra co-curricular activities because you sleep in the afternoon too much.

13. School constantly find ways to milk our money.

14. 'Sila jaga nama baik sekolah'. K, you're drunk.

15. Bahasa Melayu subject which has too many short stories for no apparent reason.

These are just my opinion, you can agree or disagree at the comment section. Or if you have any other problem which you would like to add, comment too!


  1. I am so very curious; you're a smart one, but how old are you?

    1. Hello Anon! :) I'm 18 turning to 19 soon.

  2. totally agree with statement number 9 and 10! hahaha

  3. I actually agree with everything. And why on earth do we have to learn only Islamic history? I'm just saying, if you want us tot learn, then make us learn all the great religions of the world, and not just one.

    1. In sivik , we also learnt chinese n indians culture

  4. Hey there,
    I find this article spot on and the sad truth about what some of us malaysian students face!