Tuesday, 30 April 2013

We, Malaysians deserve equal rights to EDUCATION.

Take a bow, mate.
First and foremost, let me just say that I'm about voice out what's on my mind on a very sensitive issue to some. But I can't continue to keep this thoughts in my head just because a small amount of people are going to disagree with me on this.

Second, I understand that Article 153 of the Constitution of Malaysia protects the Bumiputra rights. Including the rights of tertiary education enrollment and scholarships.

What I would like to voice out is that every Malaysian deserves equal right and chance when it comes to education. Why should anyone be a victim of unequal rights to education just because you are happened to be born as a non-bumiputra which no one was ever given the choice to choose what they would like to be born as.

Let's turn the table around. IMAGINE, I say IMAGINE. Imagine the Chinese's rights to education is protected instead of Bumiputra. Say, I were to score 3As in SPM while my fellow brothers and sisters from another race scores 8As, 9As but I get offers to university instead of them. Would I feel proud? Yes, that moment when I get my offer I would be jumping of joy. But when I find out that people around me that achieved better results than me did not receive offers from universities, I would feel ashamed.

Ashamed not because they are smarter than me. Ashamed because I will start to question my qualifications. Aren't my brothers and sisters from other races are Malaysians too? If they are Malaysians too, why are they not given the chance to go to university? Is it because I'm born as a Chinese and I'm more superior than my other friends?

I say let education be equal. Whether you are a Malay, Chinese, Indian, or others, let us have a healthy competition when it comes to education and may the best individual wins regardless of race.

I have no intent to champion for the Chinese race in this matter, because to me, when it comes to education, race should not matter at all. Individual is what matters most. You deserve what you get because of your effort, not because of your skin.

I have nothing to gain from posting this up. Nobody paid me to write this. Instead I will get people hating on me for this. And I'm risking quite a lot just to write this because this is a extremely sensitive topic but I want you guys to think about it. Because we are the generation in line to lead this country.

Agree or disagree? You can leave a comment, but stay away from racism. Let this be an open discussion. If your argument is going to be "if you don't agree with bla bla bla, you can move to other country", don't bother wasting my time.

I'm a Malaysian first, Chinese second. I will proudly admit that for the rest of my life.


  1. With all due respect though, the only reason why the government imposed such policy is to help out the bumiputra who is in poverty. The poverty rate of bumiputra rate in Malaysia is 7.3% which is the highest compared to other races. Although the policy does make the Malays lazy in a way but I'm all in for this government policy as the Malaysian Chinese dominates 60% of the Malaysian economy and the average income of Malaysian Chinese is 80% higher than the Malays. Education plays a huge role in elevating individuals' income so, say what you want about this policy because at the end of the day, the government is only trying to make average income equal for everyone(minimizing the income gap between races). Just because you see a few well-off Malays or bumiputra around, doesn't mean it potrays the whole 71.8% of Malaysians who at the end of the day, are Bumiputras. There are only around 20% of Chinese Malaysians and they dominate 60% of the economy, doesn't that signify something? Government is trying to help out though, not being racist and all. Just imagine if the govt doesn't help out the bumiputras, don't you think Malaysian economy will be dominated 100% by chinese? Where will bumiputras be then? 20% rich people > 71.8% in poverty? That won't make a better community for you and me neither. So, hope that ease you up about this so called "racist" policy. Maybe now you think its that way, but in the long run it'll create a better nation for all Malaysians.

    1. I think you're misunderstanding the issue here. The issue is education not poverty, There is already a welfare system in place to help the poor, especially the bumiputra. If the FELDA and FELCRA programs are failing, it is the fault of the individuals who are supposed to run it. When it comes to education, inviduals should be judged based on their achievements, their capabilities and their potential. Only then can we find true leaders and innovators who can make our country better. The goverment can't keep spoon-feeding the people. We are supposed to work to earn some things, for example good education.

    2. Thank you for answering her :) that's my point. Education should be based on individual's effort, not race.

    3. I think you're the one who's not getting my point here, obviously not open to different views. The issue is obviously education here, and the government is making such policy for EDUCATION due to obvious economical reason. Government can either choose to give equal opportunities everyone and not prioritize any bumiputras (70% of Malaysians), leave all of us to make our own decisions or prioritize bumiputera and get all this people educated, give them a chance for a degree and get a better pay. Because one day the government is hoping, they can feed themselves and stop being dependent of the government. That's the very reason why I'm relating economical reason to this education issue. I'm answering your question from a different point of view, no? You're questioning on why isn't education make equal, right? I'm telling you the very reason why the government policy is necessary and it's because the government wants bumiputeras get better pay. Necessary in our CURRENT economy condition in which the bumiputera is very much left behind. The government doesn't want just this who makes effort to get ahead, but they want an equal and balance growth which is by helping MOST malaysians (bumiputras). Nothing to do with spoon-feeding because through this thing, the government is hoping that one day bumiputras won't need to be "spoon-fed" by the government like you and the rest of non-bumiputras think cause they're educated and have access to better paying jobs.

      Btw, just so you know FELDA is world's biggest IPO after Facebook. The government is not all of this for nothing.

    4. Till when are we going to see this continue? Personally i feel that the gaps are actually widening rather than closing because you are taking away the competitive edge. So based on what you are suggesting, it is possible that this policy will be a part of our education system forever? Another how many more years?

  2. Hey, I like your blog post very very much. Can I copy and paste it on my blog? Looking forward to your reply. Cheers.

    1. Sure! I don't mind at all! Thank you for reading :)

    2. You're welcome. Keep on blogging. Make your blogger account as active as your twitter account. :)

  3. Firstly, let me be clear that I am definitely not trying to be racist nor I am trying to be bias.
    What I am about to write are all from my own experience.

    Most of the Chinese that I know prefer to go to private unis or overseas to study. The reason ? They said that our local unis are not up to par. Secondly, they can afford it. Majority of them can afford it. I mean since the local unis are not up to standard there's no point in fighting for equal education rights when some of them think that they are way superior than the local grads/students.

    I mean I am all for equal education rights. And I think my own race needs a smack to their thick heads and having other races compete with them will surely awaken them from their deep slumber. But as I said before, it saddens and angers me when people can blatantly say that local U's have no standard but at the same time want equal education rights. Beyond ridiculous I must say. And also saying that they can afford better unis overseas is downright insulting.

    Anyway as a Malay myself I think everyone should be given equal rights. It keep us Malays on our toes and actually be grateful for once in our life and realised that you need to work hard in order for you to get something. One day.